Traffic improvements planned for Burringham Road

Traffic improvements planned for Burringham Road

Traffic improvements planned for Burringham Road

North Lincolnshire Council have proposed a number of new improvements to help with the traffic flow and congestion on Burringham Road.

Suggestions including reducing the speed limit, and adding additional lanes, could see the roundabout receive a major overhaul.

The update follows the controversial announcement that a private developer has plans to construct 150 new houses just off Burringham Road, next to the Lindsey Lodge Hospice.

The public have been largely opposed to the plans due to the existing traffic issues in the area.

Many feel that additional residential properties will simply add to the problem.

But the council say that these new traffic improvements would help the busy Burringham roundabout cope with congestion created by the development.

The application, submitted by North Lincolnshire Council, reads:

“Construction and realignment of new and refurbishment of existing walkway and cycleway to the north and south of the B1450, Burringham Road, to include increasing capacity of the Scotter Road and Burringham Road Roundabout (Asda Roundabout).

“These works are seen as imperative to provide sufficient capacity to accommodate future development traffic.”

Illustrated plans have been released by North Lincolnshire Council, who have plans to create new pavements and cycleways, and add additional lanes to the roundabout.

It has also been suggested that the speed limit on Burringham Road could be reduced from 40mph to 30mph.

The application has not yet been approved, and will be assessed by North Lincolnshire Council’s planning department before any decision is made or any work goes ahead.

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