Courier scam circulates county

Courier scam circulates county

Courier scam circulates county

Police have issued a warning following multiple reports of courier scams circulating in Lincolnshire.

Offenders are alleged to have contacted potential victims claiming to be either the bank or the police, suggesting that people hand their cash or bank cards over to couriers.

Two separate incidents were reported yesterday alone.

Officers say that the issue is spreading across the county, and that far more cases are expected.

Courier fraud is not uncommon.

Criminals frequently call people impersonating banks or the police in order to convince them to hand over their cash, bank cards, or high value items, to a courier that’s been sent to their home.

Action Fraud recently highlighted that an increasingly popular tactic is for criminals to instruct the unsuspecting victim to purchase high value items.

Officers are seeking to spread awareness, clarifying that neither your bank or the police will never call you to ask you to verify your personal details or PIN by phone or offer to pick up your card by courier.

Nor will they contact you out of the blue to participate in an investigation in which you need to withdraw money from your bank or to purchase high value goods, or  send a courier to your home to collect your card, PIN, or other valuables.