Fall in Covid-19 cases in North Lincolnshire

Fall in Covid-19 cases in North Lincolnshire

Fall in Covid-19 cases in North Lincolnshire

Good news on Covid-19 for North Lincolnshire has been announced – with a slight fall in the infection rate.

This follows a warning last week from the Director of Public Health about the possibility of tougher measures in the area to control the spread.

From a high of 27 people infected per 100,000 across seven days, the figure yesterday (Wednesday) dropped to 16.

“This suggests people are being more responsible and adhering to the guidelines,” said a spokesperson for North Lincolnshire Council.

But with tougher new rules in place nationally, and the number of people testing positive for coronavirus rising across the country, the authority is stressing that Covid is here to stay and that we will all have to adapt to live with it for the next few months at least.

Jilla Burgess-Allen, senior consultant in public health from North Lincolnshire’s Public Health Team, said: “We have seen over the last couple of weeks a number of cases in schools and businesses that mean some pupils and employees have had to isolate.

“There is no doubt that over the coming months this will continue but we can all take the responsibility ourselves to lessen the impact on our schools, our economy and our communities.”

She continued: “On Monday Professor Whitty, the Government’s Chief Medical Advisor, said that when we raise our own level of risk, we raise the risk for other people too, we take a risk on behalf of our communities. That goes to the heart of the matter – this battle will be won by the community and its response.

“It has been said time and time again but taking a few simple steps can help protect our area from the worst impacts of the virus – washing hands, wearing a mask when needed, keeping a safe distance, getting a test if you have symptoms, and self isolating for the full 14 days if you are advised to as a contact by Test & Trace.”

She added: “As we adapt to life with Covid, what we all do will continue to make a huge difference, to ensure the most vulnerable are protected. The difference made by the 170,000 people of North Lincolnshire is what will swing this thing and get us through the coming months.”

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