Hazardous waste returned to UK

Hazardous waste returned to UK

Hazardous waste returned to UK

It has been confirmed that at least 21 shipping containers full of hazardous waste are being returned to the UK.

The shipment, which was originally sent to Sri Lanka from the UK in 2017, was supposed to have contained used mattresses, carpets and rugs.

However, officials have confirmed that many of the 263 containers contained hospital waste, plastic and polythene.

Material disguised as recyclable has now been identified as hospital waste, and is said to include syringes and suspected rotting human remains from mortuaries.

The contents of these containers has been stored in warehouses up until this point.

Legal action was taken after the Sri Lanka authorities impounded the material in 2018.

The country had originally insisted that Britain take back some 100 containers.

Officials have now stated that 21 containers had left Sri Lanka bound for the UK on Saturday, after it was declared that the private company who exported the material had breached international and EU rules and regulations on hazardous waste and its disposal.

In January, Malaysia also returned 42 shipping containers of illegally imported plastic waste to the UK.

A spokesperson for the Malaysian government said that the country has become a dumping ground for wealthier nations.

Speaking at the time, an Environment Agency spokesman added:

“We continue to work with the shipping lines and Malaysian authorities to ensure all waste is brought back as soon as possible.

“The government was also working hard to stop illegal waste exports from leaving our shores in the first place.”

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