Red alert in North East Lincolnshire after rise in Covid-19 cases

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Red alert in North East Lincolnshire after rise in Covid-19 cases

North East Lincolnshire is now at red alert after an increase in coronavirus cases.

The area’s case rate has now reached 55 per 100,000 population after a spike in cases last week – the average area in England had 52.

For a red alert, the area has to be above 50 cases per 100,000.

In the past week (September 26 to October 2) there have been 87 new coronavirus cases in the area, which is up by 44 compared to the previous week.

The overall total for North East Lincolnshire to yesterday (Monday) was 424 cases.

Nationally, over the weekend the government had confirmed 35,833 new cases – however around 16,000 of these were positive tests from earlier in the week which had not been reported in the government’s daily figures due to a problem with the IT infrastructure.

Yesterday, the government announced 12,594 confirmed cases – all reported for the previous 24-hour period.

Last week, after reporting 7,143 new cases on Tuesday, the daily figures had remained stable at a time when continued increases might have been expected.

Monday’s figure, along with the corrected figures for the days between 25 September and 2 October, show that cases have indeed continued to rise.

The government says all the missing confirmed cases have now been added to the total, according to the BBC.

But while the rate of growth in new cases has begun to increase again recently, the rise in daily deaths has remained relatively low.

The government announced 19 new deaths yesterday. All of the deaths were in England with no new deaths reported in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

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