Light up a Life celebrations to continue

Light up a Life celebrations to continue

Light up a Life celebrations to continue

A celebration of lost loved ones, hosted by local organisation Lindsey Lodge hospice is to go ahead despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Lindsey Lodge is inviting people across North Lincolnshire to Light up a Life and remember a lost loved one.

The service, which is open to anyone who has lost someone, will be held virtually on Friday 4 December.

It will be live streamed via Facebook, from the Hospice memorial garden.

Lindsey Lodge Chief Executive Karen Griffiths said:

“Christmas can be a very difficult time for anyone who has lost a loved one, particularly this year, which has been incredibly challenging for everyone.

“As we enter the festive season, we are reaching out to our local community and inviting them to join us in our Light up a Life activities.

“Our service this year will be held virtually and we are aiming to capture the very special essence of Light up a Life, to give people the opportunity to honour those they have lost in a safe and socially distanced live ceremony in the comfort of their own home.”

During the service the trees will be lit, with each light representing a life.

The trees will remain lit throughout the Christmas period.

Karen continued:

“Once people have dedicated a light, they will receive two tree decorations, one to hang on of our trees in our memorial garden throughout the month of December.

“The second decoration can be used to decorate trees at home. We’re encouraging people to turn on their Christmas lights at home simultaneously with the lighting of the Hospice tree.”

The organisation also offers multiple bereavement support groups and services for people across North Lincolnshire.

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