PM to detail stricter measures on Monday

PM to detail stricter measures on Monday

PM to detail stricter measures on Monday

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to address MPs on Monday, detailing stricter measures to slow the spread of Covid-19.

This comes as those within the scientific community, including doctors’ unions, say the existing restrictions do not go far enough.

They have called for clearer and more stringent rules.

A letter written by the PM’s chief strategic adviser Sir Edward Lister has already stated that “it is very likely that certain areas will face further restrictions”.

It is expected that the North West of England will be most affected by the upcoming changes, and that a three-tier system will see areas face differing rules based on case severity.

The most severe measures will be imposed for areas in tier three.

Under new restrictions, pubs and restaurants in high risk areas could be expected to close their doors once again.

A ban on overnight stays is also being considered.

In the face of growing pressure and criticism over local lockdown measures, the Prime Minister has stated that he wants “much closer engagement” with local politicians.

As such, new measures will be subject to the approval of local leaders.

This tiered approach will “allow local politicians, some of whom until now have complained of being frozen out, to have a greater input,” according to BBC Political Correspondent Jonathan Blake.

It is hoped that they will provide insight into what will work in their areas.

But, it also shifts some of the accountability for the success or failure of the measures introduced.

Sir Edward added that the set of measures being discussed “present difficult choices. We must seek to strike the right balance between driving down transmission, and safeguarding our economy and society from the worst impact”.

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