Two sides to autumn this week

Two sides to autumn this week

The UK will experience “two sides” of autumn this week, according to the Met Office.

In a Tweet, it said the week will be rain and wind to start off with, but it will disperse as time goes on.

“Wet and windy at first, before turning drier, brighter and cooler later,” it Tweeted.

Close to home, Scunthorpe has lots of cloud and a few sunny intervals to look forward to most days.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) will see light showers changing to cloudy by lunchtime. We might see the sun break through very occasionally and the highest temperatures will be at around 4pm at a maximum 12C.

Wednesday to Friday will be similar, with no rain forecast. However it will be cloudy and the sun will fight its way through only now and again. Daytime temperatures will be between 11C and 13C.

Looking ahead to the weekend, again no rain is currently forecast, but temperatures look set to stay below average for the time of year with just short-lived highs of 11C.

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