Covid ‘hot spots’ revealed in alarming report on spread of virus in North East Lincolnshire

Covid-19 third wave

Covid ‘hot spots’ revealed in alarming report on spread of virus in North East Lincolnshire

Alarming figures show a total 1,037 residents of North East Lincolnshire have had a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 – an increase of 419 cases over the last week.

This is by far the biggest week on week increase in confirmed cases in the area that has been reported.

The cumulative rate of Covid-19 infection in North East Lincolnshire is therefore 596.6 per 100,000 –  in the week commencing October 5 the rate was 382.3 per 100,000 population.

The figures are contained in a report on current Covid-19 epidemiology in North East Lincolnshire, published  on October 19 and released by the council today (Thursday).

The last three weeks have seen a doubling in new cases every six days and a forty-fold increase in the seven day rate of infection since the start of September.

In North East Lincolnshire analysis of cases confirmed since October 1 suggests an even spread across the working age population, with a steadily increasing number of cases now occurring in the young adult population.

Since the beginning of October the area has begun to see a growing number of cases in older people, described as “a worrying trend”. Cases in the 65 and overs have increased significantly over the last two weeks from a seven-day infection rate of 6 per 100,000 to an infection rate of 82 per 100,000.

Geographically cases are occurring in all parts of the borough, but far more are now occurring in Humberston & New Waltham, Freshney, Yarborough and Park wards.

The report states: “We are continuing to see cases spread across the borough but there are increasing indications of clustering and hot spots.

“Since the beginning of October we have seen the largest number of cases in Humberston & New Waltham, Freshney, Park and Yarborough.

“Freshney ward in particular has seen massive growth in cases as only six were confirmed there for the whole of September compared with 67 for the first 19 days of October.”

There are 20 patients with confirmed Covid-19 in Grimsby Hospital (as of October 19).  This is the most since April and represents a substantial increase since the beginning of October, said the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust.

There are a small number of cases in care homes currently.

The report states: “We are now experiencing regular, small outbreaks in a range of settings including social clubs, spas and gyms.  However the largest number of outbreaks are occurring in workplaces and schools.”

There have been five deaths associated with Covid-19 in North East Lincolnshire since the end of May, the three most recent occurred in October.

A total of 49 deaths have now been registered in North East Lincolnshire with Covid-19 identified as a cause of death, with 36 being North East Lincolnshire residents and 13 being residents of other local authorities.  It is believed that a further three deaths of North East Lincolnshire residents have been registered elsewhere.

In North East Lincolnshire there have been no deaths registered in children. Five deaths were of people aged under 60 years, and 59% of deaths occurred in people aged over 80 years.

North East Lincolnshire had the fifth lowest rate of new infections out of the 15 local authorities in the Yorkshire and the Humber region, however it has seen by far the largest increase in new infection rate on the previous week in the Yorkshire and Humber and for the first time has the highest rate of cases within the Humber area.

North East Lincolnshire has been placed into the Medium Risk (Tier 1) category that the Government has introduced to determine restrictions associated with COVID-19 infection rates.


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