Face mask plea issued by Council

Face mask plea issued by Council

Face mask plea issued by Council

North East Lincolnshire Council have issued an appeal urging people to wear face masks and “consider others when they use public transport or go into public spaces.”

Councillors alongside Public Health and Transport officials are urging local residents to think about what they are risking before going into a public place or using public transport without a facemask.

Current legislation states that people must wear face coverings when in most indoor settings, including shops and supermarkets (as well as shopping centres), when using public transport (for example, buses and taxis), and when not seated in hospitality venues.

But as the pandemic progresses and people adapt to the ‘new normal’, increasing numbers of people are entering the town centre without face coverings.

In a face mask plea issued by North East Lincolnshire Council, Councillor Ron Shepherd said:

“I have witnessed more and more people in our town centres without face masks, and I’m having more and more people approach me about the issue, concerned about the spread of the virus in shops and other indoor public places.

“It’s vital that we wear facemasks as much as possible in indoor public spaces, not just to protect ourselves, but to protect others as well.

“If someone makes a decision not to wear a face mask when shopping, they put other people in that shop who are wearing face coverings at risk, and that simply isn’t fair.

“Importantly, if you have an age, health or disability reason, you can be exempt from wearing a facemask.

“You should not be asked to provide proof of this, but if you wish to display evidence, you can use a template on the GOV.UK website to create an exemption card.

“We need to work together and follow the rules so we can keep the number of coronavirus cases in our area to a minimum and allow a relatively normal life to carry on the way it has for several months now.”

Director of Public Health at North East Lincolnshire Council, Stephen Pintus, added:

“Whether you are just nipping to the shop for some milk, or grabbing a sandwich from a café, you must wear a face covering unless you have a medical, mental health condition or a disability that means you cannot tolerate a mask.

“Most people are adapting to the restrictions and understand that sticking to them is not only being considerate to others but means tighter curbs on our activities are less likely.

“We thank everyone who is willing to make what are currently small sacrifices.

“However, if you are simply choosing not to wear a face covering or abide by social distancing, you are actually choosing to put the lives of others in that shop, café or restaurant at greater risk.”

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