Locals launch Christmas care campaign

Locals launch Christmas care campaign

Locals launch Christmas care campaign

A group of locals have launched a campaign to ensure that homeless people in Grimsby are fed and warmly clothed this Christmas.

Organised by locals Glenn Sharp and Melanie Briggs, alongside a small group of helpers, the initiative is intent on providing a safe space as well as basic essentials to those who will otherwise go without during the festive period.

Speaking to Gi Media, Mr Sharp said:

“During a conversation with six local homeless people, all of whom were sat in a door way cold and scared, I heard how their tents had been destroyed by vandals.

“One of the men was around 60 years old and disabled.

“I chose to donate a few tents to them. One remarked that it felt ‘just like Christmas’. They were so grateful, even without the comforts and luxuries that the rest of us are used to.”

Mr Sharp said that despite the support offered by organisations such as the Salvation Army, many people feel they will be judged or turned away due to their circumstances.

“I have also seen close friends ignored and abused by the general public – I don’t want another death on our streets,” he added.

Such stories and experiences have driven the group to take to the streets and dedicate their Christmas evening to providing a buffet and care packages to the less fortunate.

Over £500 has been raised via the group’s fundraising page so far.

If the group are able to raise their total of £1000, there are plans to extend the event to New Years Eve.

Donations of essential goods, including food items, hats, gloves, socks and sleeping bags are also being accepted.

The group are also looking for volunteers.

Goods will be distributed to those in need of support between 7:30pm and 10:00pm on Christmas Day – a location is yet to be confirmed.

For further information, please contact organisers via the group’s Facebook page – updates to follow.

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