Bike, cash and drug haul uncovered by Police

Bike, cash and drug haul uncovered by Police

Bike, cash and drug haul uncovered by Police

A man is now in police custody after a search by Humberside Police uncovered two stolen quad bikes, five stolen motorbikes along with drugs and cash.

The warrant, executed this afternoon, was served at a house on Southfield Road in Ashby.

Following the discovery, officers arrested a male suspect on suspicion of possession of drugs with intent to supply and money laundering.

He remains in police custody at this time.

Community Policing Inspector Mark Fletcher said:

“Motorcycle anti-social behaviour is one of the key problems in the Scunthorpe ward areas. 

“This warrant has discovered a number of bikes that, if not already causing a problem in the area, most likely would have been used to blight the lives of residents either through crime or anti-social behaviour.

“Our continued efforts to tackle motorcycle crime with #OpYellowfin has had a number of recent success locally and this will please many of the local residents who raise this as a major concern to them when we are out conducting our #HumberTalking surveys.

“I would continue to appeal for anyone with information about stolen bikes being kept at addresses or any criminal activity to contact us, together we can bring these people to justice and make our communities safer for everyone.”

Operation Yellowfin was launched two years ago as the task force which tackles crime associated with motorbikes and off-road bikes.

In the past months, dozens of stolen bikes have been recovered or seized.

Humberside Police say they remain resolute in efforts to bring motorbike thieves and those who ride motorbikes in an antisocial way to justice.

Speaking in May, Chief Inspector Paul Butler said:

“It’s been two years since Op Yellowfin was rolled out across the whole of Humberside, it had had such great results in Hull previously that we made sure the rest of the Force could adopt the same approach at tackling the issues which had blighted our communities.”

Anyone with information about crime, anti-social behaviour or drugs being dealt in their area is urged to contact Humberside Police via the non-emergency number 101.

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