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NeuronUP is a Spain based subscription SaaS platform for professionals working in neurorehabilitation and cognitive stimulation interventions.

NeuronUP is a 3-in-1 tool for the busy occupational therapist, speech language therapist, psychologist, geriatric caretaker, researcher, school counselor or other professional concerned with cognitive health. It includes an online library over thousands of customizable activities classified by the cognitive process being worked. The platform also features a patient management tool that saves the patients results and lets the professional keep all their patient data in one place. Finally, NeuronUP has a therapy management tool allowing the professional to create sessions that the patient can do in clinic or in the comfort of their own home.


NeuronUP is looking for commission-based distribution/sales people to join our team. We want to train you on our platform and let you loose to work the way the best suits you. The English-speaking markets are ripe for picking.

NeuronUP has affordable plans for every possible type of customer, from single professionals working in a private practice setting to large clinics or hospitals. Flexible plans allow for monthly subscriptions or discounted yearly subscriptions.

This commission-based distributor/sales position offers a very generous commission package with training and marketing support from the NeuronUP team. Commissions start at:

  • 50% of the first year of the client’s life span of subscription plan
  • 30% of the second year of client’s subscription life span
  • 20% of the third year of the client’s subscription life span
  • Helpful attributes for a successful sales team member:

  • Experience in subscription-based software sales/distribution
  • Knowledge of the healthcare industry
  • Established contacts working in cognitive health in:
  • – Private practices

    – Rehabilitation facilities

    – Hospital

    – Schools

    – Clinics

    – Correctional facilities

    – Organizations/Associations dedicated to affected individuals

  • Established contacts with titles such as:
  • – Occupational therapists

    – Speech language therapists

    – Neuropsychologists

    – Geriatric caretakers

    – Counselors

    – Rehabilitation specialists

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