UK secures 5 million doses of breakthrough vaccine

Moderna vaccine

UK secures 5 million doses of breakthrough vaccine

UK officials have rapidly secured 5 million doses of the new US breakthrough Covid-19 vaccine amid recent studies suggesting the vaccine was found almost 95% effective.

The study included elderly and high-risk members of the public.

It is said to be more expensive than the Pfizer vaccine that announced to be more than 90% effective last week. However, the Moderna vaccine is easier to be stored and transported.

Government officials have stated that the vaccine could be distributed by Spring 2021.

This would follow the first deliveries of the Pfizer/BioNTech and the Oxford University/AstraZenece vaccines which, once final data from their phase 3 clinical trials has been published and if they receive regulatory approval, could be available before the end of the year.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said:

“Today‚Äôs announcement is excellent news and an encouraging step forward in our fight against COVID-19″.

“We have moved swiftly to secure 5 million doses of this hugely promising vaccine meaning we are even better placed to vaccinate everyone who will benefit should the rigorous safety standards be met”.

“But we are not there yet”.

“Until science can make us safe, we must remain vigilant and keep following the rules that we know can keep this virus under control”.