Festive family fun to keep spirits high

christmas trees

Festive family fun to keep spirits high

With spirits hanging slightly low this Christmas, it’s important to take time to enjoy and experience the little things that local businesses have to offer.

At Andy Broom’s Christmas Tree’s (associated with Shawbriggs Farmshop) located at Hope House, Goxhill Road, Barrow Upon Humber, you can experience walking through a field packed with Normand Fir Christmas trees (a good one to pick if you dislike hoovering)!

The trees range from full to slim, tiny to tall – helping hand Stephen Skipworth will measure your tree and net it up as you watch.

christmas trees

Tracey at Andy Broom’s Christmas Trees said:

“They take 7 years to grow, so we actually planted these in September 2013 and some are still only 3ft tall whilst some are 7ft tall, because they all grow at different rates”.

“This is the first year we’ve opened and it’s been really, really popular”.

“I think it’s because of the thing, ‘bring the family to choose a tree'”.

“It’s a family experience in these strange times”.

“We planted 8000 trees within 48 hours in 2013”.

“It’ll keep us going for the next 5 or 6 years”.

“It was good fun, a planting machine on the back of the tractor, Andrew drove the tractor and I sat on the back of the planting machine”.

After you have chosen your Christmas tree and seen it be cut and netted, you can request free local delivery to make getting your tree home that bit easier.

christmas trees

christmas trees

Prices: 4ft = £27. 5ft = £35. 6ft = £40. 7ft = £45.

Christmas tree growers are among those allowed to trade during lockdown through the Government and the British Christmas Trees Growers Association advice.

Photo credits: Maddy McDonald.

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