Ex-Mayor of Scunthorpe convicted of multiple fraud and theft offences 

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Ex-Mayor of Scunthorpe convicted of multiple fraud and theft offences

Over £150,000 has been paid over from a convicted thief and fraudster.

Humberside Police Economic Crime Unit successfully convicted former Scunthorpe mayor Jawaid Ishaq, 78, of Normanby Road of five fraud related offences, three charges of theft and one charge of perverting the course of justice after a successful trial in 2015.

Ishaq was jailed for 3-and-a-half years after the court heard he had forged power of attorney documents in order to gain control of shares and a bank account owned by a friend.

His victim has since received over £50,000 in compensation.

Under the Proceeds of Crime Act, Ishaq was also ordered to pay over more than £139,000 he is believed to have obtained as a result of his criminal activities.

POCA allows police forces to apply to the courts for a confiscation order when there is suspicion that the criminal has benefitted from his criminality.

And after he repeatedly failed to meet the deadline for payment, he has since been ordered to pay more than £12,000 in interest.

Senior Financial Investigator, Lorraine Baines, said:

“This is a fantastic result for the team after years of hard work to bring justice to Ishaq’s victims”.

“He was a trusted member of the community in a position of power as ex-mayor of Scunthorpe, he used his position to take advantage of people in a vulnerable position”.

“We will continue to hit the criminals where it hurts them – in their pocket”.

Humberside police stated that by taking the cash away from an offender, it prevents them from reinvesting in further criminal enterprises and helps keep our local communities safer and stronger, with the money confiscated primarily being returned to the victim’s estate and the remainder being reinvested in the law enforcement process.

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