Calls for national lockdown within 24 hours from Labour leader

keir starmer

Calls for national lockdown within 24 hours from Labour leader

Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, has this afternoon stated that the government must impose a national lockdown within the next 24 hours.

Sir Keir said the virus is “clearly out of control” and national restrictions have to be “the first step”.

Earlier this morning, Boris Johnson warned of possible tougher restrictions ahead for the country, saying:

“It may be that we need to do things in the next few weeks that may be tougher”.

“I’m fully reconciled to that”.

“I think the whole country is fully reconciled to that”.

Following the Prime Ministers warning, Sir Keir stated:

“It’s no good the Prime Minister hinting that further restrictions are coming into place in a week or two or three”.

“That delay has been the source of so many problems”.

“So I say bring in those restrictions now, national restrictions within the next 24 hours”.

“That has to be the first step to controlling the virus”.

He added:

“We can’t allow the Prime Minister to use up the next two or three weeks and then bring in a national lockdown which is inevitable”.

“Do it now”.

Three quarters of the population in England are already living under the highest Tier 4 restrictions after 20 million more people were placed in the tier on New Year’s Eve.

Tier 4 measures include a warning to stay at home, a limit on household mixing to two people outdoors, and the closure of non-essential shops, as well as hairdressers and gyms.

People are also encouraged to work from home if possible.

Everyone else in England is in Tier 3, apart from the Isles of Scilly, which is currently placed in Tier 1.

All of Wales is at the highest alert level 4, while most of Scotland is under the toughest level 4 restrictions.

In Northern Ireland, a new six-week lockdown began on the 26th of December.

COVID-19 cases across the UK are at record levels and increasing as a new, more transmissible variant spreads, affecting more children than previously.

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