A busy 24 hours for Cleethorpes Coastguard!

A busy 24 hours for Cleethorpes Coastguard!

A very busy 24 hours for the Cleethorpes Coastguard team began when they received their first callout at 17:35pm on 05/01/ 2021.

CGOC Humber paged Cleethorpes Coastguard, after receiving a call relating to a concern for the safety of a male seen walking out onto the beach near the leisure centre when the tide was flooding.

The RNLI Cleethorpes team were also paged and tasked to assist with the search for the male.

Humberside Police were on the scene when Cleethorpes Coastguard arrived and had located the male.

Due to the location and the fact the tide was flooding, the male was picked up by the Lifeboat Crew and taken back to the Lifeboat station, where he was met by the Cleethorpes Coastguard team.

He did not require any medical assistance and was handed over to the police to get him back home safely.

The second callout arrived at approximately 20:28pm, where the team was tasked with their second incident during a training session.

CGOC Humber received a call for the concern for the safety of a female near the Pier slipway, where the HM Coastguard Donna Nook Rescue Team were also tasked to assist with the search.

Cleethorpes Coastguard team commenced a search from the Pier, while Donnanook Coastguard started their search along the track from Pleasure Island towards the Pier.

During the search, an update was received that the female had returned to the Pier slipway and was with the first informant.

The female was fit and well and had been out for a walk along the beach.

The Coastguard’s third incident was reported at 20:50pm, just as they were getting ready to stand down from the previous job.

A member of the public stated that a young female relative had gone missing and was last seen near Brighton Slip on the Central promenade.

Cleethorpes Coastguard started the search while Donna Nook Coastguard returned to the location to assist with the search and rescue tasking.

The female was located in the car park opposite the Premier inn on Kings Road, fit and well.

Both Coastguard teams stood down and went for a well-earned brew and a good night’s sleep!

Until… the fourth incident came in at 05:01am on 06/01/ 2021.

Cleethorpes Coastguard received a request from Humberside Police for the team assist them to search for an adult female that had been reported missing by her family.

Her last suspected location was reported to have been somewhere along the promenades.

Police were reportedly already at the Coastguard station upon the CGOC’s arrival, and while the team was preparing to start a search, police gave an update that the female had been located safe and well inland, approximately a mile or so away from the seafront.

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