Wildlife to benefit from Novartis legacy as 35 acres of land creates unique wildlife site

novartis wildlife

Wildlife to benefit from Novartis legacy as 35 acres of land creates unique wildlife site

A legacy to Novartis Grimsby will take the shape of a unique wildlife site, which will provide industrial opportunity along the South Humber Bank in the decades to come.

When Novartis leaves the town in December 2021 after 70-years, it will be transferring 35 acres of its land as a legacy to the local community, to North East Lincolnshire Council’s ambitious and transformational SHIIP programme (South Humber Industrial Investment Programme).

The land will be named ‘Novartis Ings’ and will enable ENGIE to create another wetland bird and wildlife mitigation site.

Whilst this is the second alike site, joining the national award-winning Cress Marsh at Stallingborough, it is the first to be located right alongside the Estuary.

Therefore, providing an enhanced opportunity to protect the birdlife that uses the rivers and its mudflats as vital feeding grounds.

North East Lincolnshire Council’s Ecology officer, Rachel Graham, has been responsible for the development of Cress Marsh and is delighted at the prospect of this second site.

She said:

“When you look at what has been achieved at Cress Marsh, its scale and size and the bird and wildlife we are attracting, it makes the prospect of developing Novartis Ings extremely exciting”.

Site Head of Novartis Grimsby ,Ian Johnson, said when the idea was raised, it was readily accepted as a way in which the company could leave a legacy.

Mr Johnson, when speaking on the legacy, said:

“Clearly the day that we say goodbye for the final time will be an extremely emotional one for many, who have enjoyed a lifetime’s career here at Novartis”.

“We did not want to simply leave without leaving a legacy, a gesture that would remind others of our time here, but also be one that assisted and encouraged growth in the years to come”.

“Novartis Ings offers a chance for that growth to be both industrial and environmental”.

Photo: North East Lincolnshire.

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