A1077 causing concern for road users

The popular route has growing concern

Back in the peaks of Summer residents complained of the horrific smell coming from the landfill site and now it’s causing more problems, this time for the road user on the A1077.

The tip between Roxby and Winterton has been used for more than 20 years but problems have been growing increasingly worse, according to residents.

One Scunthorpe resident who uses the road on a daily basis for work in Winterton said ‘ I ended up with a chip on the windscreen of my new car due to all the debris in the road. I rang the highways agency at North Lincolnshire Council to complain and they said they will be looking into this.

There was nobody free for comment from the highways department, however they did take a number to call us back.

If you wish to raise any concerns about this matter or any other please contact North Lincolnshire Council via email at or call 01724 297000

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