Nathan Evans taken the world by storm with his sea shanties!

‘Soon may the Wellerman come to bring us sugar and tea and rum…’

Sea shanties have become the biggest TikTok trend of 2021 and that’s mainly down to Nathan Evans, 26, the postman who has been singing the videos.

The songs were originally sung by merchant seamen as they carried out day-to-day tasks on ships.

The shanty received over a million views, so Evans started recording more. Things really picked up in December, when he posted himself singing “The Wellerman”.

Nathan quit his postman job to become a singer

The craze got so big that he has been able to quit his job as a postman, and is now working full-time as a singer.

Evans has now been fortunate enough to land a Polydor Records deal after viral fame.

In a recent interview Nathan said “People were looking forward to more and they were commenting underneath every video after that saying can you sing this one, can you sing that one – it was just requests from people for me to sing them.”

According to Google Trends, Nathan’s performances have led to “sea shanties” enjoying their biggest-ever popularity in the search engine’s history.

You can watch the rendition of ‘The Wellerman’ below

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