May elections could go ahead in UK despite coronavirus concerns

Elections due in May are currently expected to go ahead despite coronavirus.

Officials have said, amid warnings they are likely to be among the most logistically fraught and complicated the UK has witnessed.

Boris Johnson told MPs this week that while the plan was still for local and mayoral elections, some of which were postponed from last year, to happen on 6 May in England, this remained “under review”.

Officials stress that while the pandemic means all government plans are theoretically subject to change, the strong expectation is the polls will go ahead.

Lack of venues, volunteers and safety of voters and polling staff due to Covid-19 are key issues of concern

In England, as well as a double set of council elections, there will be ballots for the London mayor and assembly, for a series of other mayors, and for police and crime commissioners (PCCs).

However, former Shadow Secretary, Meg Hillier said she could not see “any option but for some delay”.

Voters are set to go to the polls in May for council and mayoral elections in England – and parliamentary elections in Scotland and Wales.

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