First oil produced by new North Lincolnshire well

First oil produced by new North Lincolnshire well

First oil produced by new North Lincolnshire well

The first oil has been produced using a new well in the North Lincolnshire village of Wressle, near Scunthorpe.

The site, which is capable of producing up to two million barrels of oil, was given the green light last year following a public inquiry.

Opponents had raised concerns about potential impact on water supplies and local residents.

But according to the BBC, Egdon Resources said the site was a conventional oil-drilling operation and would therefore “not involve the process of hydraulic fracking for shale gas or shale oil”.

The oil will be transported by road tanker to a nearby refinery in South Killingholme.

Government Planning Inspector Phillip Ware said:

“The proposal would deliver economic benefits… and reduce the need for imported fuel.

“I give great weight to these and other benefits.

“In particular, the proposal would make a significant contribution towards the provision of secure energy supplies and be consistent with the use of a mix of energy sources during the transition to a low-carbon economy.”

A statement issued by Egdon Resources on Monday said:

“Operations to recomplete the well and reperforate the Ashover Grit reservoir interval have been completed safely and successfully as per the previously advised schedule. 

“Following the reperforation and its successful communication with the Ashover Grit reservoir interval free-flow of oil has commenced and the well has been placed on continuous 24 hour test production.

“The well is currently in the normal clean-up phase as the well is carefully brought on-stream.”

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