Beachgoers warned of danger to seals

Beachgoers warned of danger to seals

Beachgoers warned of danger to seals

People are being urged not to disturb wildlife after a young seal was found on Cleethorpes Beach earlier this week.

The animal was unfortunately prevented from resting because of constant disturbance and stress caused by people getting too close and dogs barking at it.

Eventually, British Marine Divers were called to the scene in order to move the seal from the North Prom to a safer sand bank.

Marine divers are usually called out to deal with large disturbances, such as beached wales.

North East Lincolnshire Council are now urging visitors not to interfere with local wildlife, for the safety of both the animal and the public.

Councillor Stewart Swinburn said:

“Marine animals are wild animals. They can carry diseases and can cause injury.

“Dogs must be kept on leads to avoid causing distress. Don’t put yourself or your dog at risk.

“You should stay well clear of them and contact the Beach Safety Team who will be able to help the animal without causing further distress.”

Seal sightings are common at this time of year as the winter pups begin to move further from home at Donna Nook.

If disturbed, they can become distressed, which can damage their health and use up vital energy they would need to get home.

Rachel Graham, ecology manager for North East Lincolnshire Council, added:

“While the seals are still finding their way around, we are more likely to encounter them on Cleethorpes beaches.

“They need to be left alone to rest after a hard day’s swimming and fishing until they’re ready to return home by themselves.

“Seals are a fully protected species in the UK and need to be left alone and undisturbed.

“The beach is their natural habitat.”

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