Crocheting got ‘cool’ again

Are you hooked?

Thanks to the likes of Instagram, TikTok, YouTube tutorials and growing micro-communities, all it needed was a global pandemic and boom! Crocheting is suddenly the mainstream hit it always deserved to be.

From unique handmade bags to funky earrings and cute vests, this trend has won the heart of the younger generation under lockdown.

What was once renowned and beloved by baby boomers has now trickled down generations and become a therapeutic hobby or a grand business opportunity for millennials and gen Zers. When did crocheting and knitting become more than just a craft?

Scientists say knitting and crocheting can help lower levels of stress and anxiety, so it’s no surprise that crochet projects have become even more popular over the last few months.

Rainbows have become a symbol of hope during the pandemic as people began displaying rainbows in windows to spread joy while self-isolating. Now, crafters across Instagram are combining the #rainbowhunt trend with the stress-relieving benefits of working with hooks and yarn. There are more than 15,600 posts tagged with #crochetrainbow on Instagram, and most of them are from the last few months.

People have even been crocheting Captain Sir Tom Moore

Now, of course, crocheting is indiscernible from the stereotypical image of the elderly woman knitting diligently in her rocking chair.

But crocheting has helped knit together a community for many in a time when we have all felt isolated.

Crochet UK is a Facebook group for all crochet lovers from the newbies to the professionals.