Did you capture a glimpse of the snow moon?

The second full moon of the year rose clear over the country, offering a great opportunity for photographers to capture stunning shots.

With Stay at Home rules still in place, there aren’t too many ways to entertain ourselves these days.

You may have seen a beautiful view from your window recently.

The snow moon is another name for the February full moon. It is also known as the Eagle Moon, Bear Moon.,Storm Moon, Hunger Moon or the Bony Moon.

The Moon goes through 12 or 13 full phases each year and they all have unique names many of them derived from Native American tribes.


Social media was flocked with phenomenal images of the snow moon lighting up the sky.

The moon reached its peak at 8.17am GMT on Saturday but appeared full in the sky on both Friday and Saturday night.

Clear skies over the UK provided the perfect opportunity for photographers of all skills and sizes to take pictures of the so-called Snow Moon.


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