Hundreds given employment support through Ongo

Over the course of the pandemic Ongo’s Employment Support team has continued to provide support, advice and encouragement to get hundreds of local people into work and training.

From March 2020 the team has signed up and supported around 550 people through a number of their projects. These include Sparc, which helps individuals to set up their own business, the new Kickstart government funded scheme to get young people into work, along with mental health support and additional training.

Each of these projects has been designed to help local people achieve their employment, confidence and life goals such, with a high percentage being externally funded.

Here are just some examples of the people they’ve supported:

  • 367 people have been given mental health support and life coaching through Ongo Talk, Looking-Up and various other services
  • 77 people are signed up to their Next Level project, which helps those in employment to further develop their skills, so that they can progress and build a long term career
  • 100 ex-offenders have been supported through Empower and the Through the Gate project
  • 132 people have benefitted from general employment support, CV building and advice
  • 64 people through the Building Better Opportunities project

Hayley Cullen, Operational Manager at Ongo Communities said, “It has been incredibly challenging to continue with the huge range of support we provide amidst a pandemic, but I am really proud of every single team member for rising up to the challenge and being so dedicated.

“The way in which we deliver our services has changed and we’ve had to adapt to conducting video call appointments, online chats and socially distanced appointments when allowed.

“Regardless of these challenges, we have been able to sign up 542 people, 123 of which have gained employment and a further 94 have completed training that will boost their employment opportunities.

“Thank-you to all our clients who have continued to support us and allow us to help them. We can’t wait to see you all again in person”

Going forward the team are looking to work with even more local people, using a blended approach to suit all of their clients, with both virtual and face to face appointments available.

Naz Nazir, an ex-offender supported by the team said: “Not many people have the time or consideration. We leave prison and we don’t know where to turn or how society might judge us and that makes it difficult for us to get back into something that feels like normal life.

“Thank-you for the opportunities that BBO has given to me. I have been offered a job, I haven’t felt judged and I now know that I have a chance to make my life good when I get home.”

To find out more about the team and how they could support you, click here or get in touch with them on 01724 844848.

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