North East Lincolnshire funeral prices set to increase

The council are set to increase the current prices of funerals at a meeting next Monday, with the new North East Lincolnshire funeral prices coming into effect from 1 April.

A council report states: “Fees and charges in Bereavement Services have not been reviewed in the last couple of years. A review of fees and charges ensures that the Council maintains its income base with rising cost to support provision of services within the agreed budget envelope.

The cost of a 40-minute chapel service and a cremation will increase from £705 to £757. For a Reserved Ashes plot, the new price will be £289 compared to the previous charge of £267.75.

A memorial service will now cost £215 instead of the original £200.

It will cost £215 if a funeral service runs over the allocated 40 minutes at the crematorium chapel.

For traditional burials, the purchase of an Exclusive Right of Burial will now cost £1,100 from the original £995. Use of the cemetery chapel will cost £109, with an additional £65 charge for funerals that run over the allotted time.

The North East Lincolnshire Council report continues: “The proposed fees and charges are estimated to generate additional income of £129k per annum that will help towards full cost recovery and managing resources with the services budget envelope.”

The report goes on to highlight potential “reputational implications” for the council and their decision to increase and introduce new charges. However, it states that “good communication” with the community and “demonstrating good value for money” could solve this issue.

The final decision for the North East Lincolnshire funeral prices increase will be confirmed at an Environment and Transport council meeting at 10:30am next Monday.

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