Authorities warn of Council Tax scam

Authorities warn of Council Tax scam

Authorities warn of Council Tax scam

North East Lincolnshire Council have issued a warning following reports of fraudsters targeting people via phone, letter and email regarding council tax payment, reduction and refunds.

These scams appear genuine and encourage people to provide their details to receive a reduction or refund in council tax.

An email, claiming to be from GOV.UK, asks the resident to click on the link and input their bank details to claim the reduction or refund.

A letter informs the resident of the council tax support scheme eligibility and provides the website with a unique access code for them to input their bank details.

The website provided is fake.

If a person receives a cold call claiming to be able to secure a valuation reduction resulting in reduced payments and to provide their bank details, they should check the telephone number to see if it is linked to a fraudulent scheme.

Those facing significant financial hardship at this time may be vulnerable to these scams promising reduced liabilities and become victims of crime.

Councillor Ron Shepherd said:

“Residents are advised not to agree to offers of this kind, and not to give out their bank account details to firms who contact them under these circumstances.

“The council would never approach residents in this way and ask them for bank account information.

“We need to be vigilant. However genuine a call or message might seem, it is always best to check and make sure before transferring any money or giving away any personal or confidential information.

“Scams like this are common, but unfortunately, they do catch people out.”

North East Lincolnshire Council does not contact residents to request their bank details, and is urging people to be vigilant as authorities warn of and tackle council tax scams.

If anyone is contacted about council tax rebates or similar services, they should hang up and report it to Action Fraud.

If you are unsure about any correspondence regarding council tax payment, call the council on (01472) 313131.

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