8 March 2021 marks International Women’s Day

It’s a day that celebrates ‘the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women’ whilst also calling for equality – where men and women are treated the same.

No one government, country, charity or group is responsible for it and this year’s theme is choosing to challenge.

“A challenged world is an alert world,” say its organisers. “And from challenge comes change.”

International Women’s Day (IWD) has been marked for over 100 years with the first gathering held in 1911.

More than one million women and men attended IWD rallies in Europe, campaigning for women’s rights to work, vote, be trained, to hold public office and end discrimination.

Individuals and organisations are invited to share their #ChooseToChallenge images on all social media platforms.

So strike the #ChooseToChallenge pose with your hand high to show your commitment to choose to challenge inequality, call out bias, question stereotypes, and help forge an inclusive world.

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