Scartho Road bus lane to be removed permanently

Scartho Road bus lane to be removed permanently

North East Lincolnshire Council has granted approval to permanently remove the Scartho Road bus lane in a council meeting this morning.

This decision follows a trial period which began in December 2019 to monitor the impact a removal would have, and to allow any formal objections against the removal to be received.

During this time, no formal objections have been received and transport officials have reviewed the data, concluding that the aim of the removal has been met, with improved journey times during peak hours and increased traffic flow having been achieved.

Alongside the removal of the bus lane, a Traffic Signal Priority (TSP) project has been introduced at the junction of Scartho Road, Forsythia Drive and Cragston Avenue. This aims to improve bus punctuality by giving a green light to buses that are running late in certain circumstances during peak times.

This is to reduce the impact of the bus lane removal on bus services during peak times.

Councillor Stewart Swinburn, Portfolio holder for Environment and Transport, said: “We’re making this removal permanent following a thorough review of the data over the course of the last year and after receiving no formal objections.

“Residents and ward councillors have expressed concerns about the impact the bus lane had previously on traffic congestion and journey times. I was committed to addressing this issue, working with our highway officials at ENGIE, and we have been able to trial the removal through an ETRO and see in real terms the impact the removal has.

“The impact of COVID-19 has been considered in this decision and we are confident that the removal will see improved traffic flow and better journey times, once traffic levels increase.

“We have considered the impact on local public transport services and have also introduced a traffic signal priority system to ensure bus services can keep to their timetables as much as possible during peak times.”

The traffic team will now finalise the process, with the permanent removal coming into force within the next few weeks.

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