Boxing club opening in our area with incredible mural

Local artist has teamed up to give local amateur boxing club a refurbishment – and the finished product is amazing!

Paul Buck a local artist said he ‘grew up in Scunthorpe, not far from the gym.

He continues ‘helping Pete and the Gym has felt really good, the response from people walking past has been fantastic, it’s brilliant to be putting something positive, productive, helpful, aspirational and inspiring back into an ordinarily forgotten about community.

‘Even if the kids don’t like boxing maybe the painting alone might inspire some of them to pursue what they love, we all start somewhere, we all have to take those first few steps, all that’s sometimes is a tiny spark to set it all off.

Paul’s work at the club

Paul said ‘the idea came from Pete Smith, he saw worked I’d done for someone and asked me to come and look at his gym. He had a vague idea of what he wanted n mocked up an idea and he went for it.

‘Drawing and painting, it’s, they are the only things I was ever really any good at, been doing since I could hold a pencil. I loved comic books and graphic novels as a kid growing up and would spend hours pouring over the artwork and reproducing it.

That lead in turn to a love of graffiti through both the art and been a music fan as well, all of which just naturally over the years progressed into me picking up rattle cans and having a go myself. It’s been a long a winding road to get where I’ve got with it.

Paul’s work at the club

I tried to make a living from been a designer after been at college but I couldn’t make the money I needed to afford to live so ended up having to take other lines of work with the hope of making more money. I now paint and drawing and design stuff as much as I can on the side as well as work a day job.

Pete, Riddings Amateur Boxing Club said’ we are hoping to open our doors on the 12th of April and will be having classes for boys and girls aged 5 and upwards.

This is a new beginning for the club after hiring the sports hall for numerous years so exciting times we us now having our own premises.

Two of the coaches are running 5k everyday for 30 days to raise some funds for the club and have completed 15 days so far. You can sponsor the coaches and help raise funds on the link below:

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