Palm oil continues to wash up on Cleethorpes beach

Palm oil continues to wash up on Cleethorpes beach

Palm oil continues to wash up on Cleethorpes beach

Toxic palm oil is continuing to wash up on Cleethorpes beach a week after a warning was first issued to local dog walkers.

Owners are advised to keep their pets away from the poisonous substance, which often appears in varying tones as a chalky rock.

Palm oil is used in a number of food, health and beauty products and is not considered dangerous to humans.

Cleethorpes Beach Safety
Last week, a spokesperson for the Cleethorpes Beach Safety team said:
“We have found palm oil on the beach behind Thorpe Park. Palm oil can be fatally toxic to dogs!
“Please keep dogs on leads and be extra cautious.”
Anyone who finds what they suspect to be palm oil is advised to contact the Beach Safety team via Facebook or at 01472 323356 during opening hours.

Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue added:

“We have come across palm oil while on walks along Cleethorpes Beach.

“Palm oil looks chalky and firm but is actually rather soft and crumbles with ease – if ingested by dogs, foxes and other animals, it can cause a toxic reaction and can even be fatal!

“If you spot what you believe to be palm oil, don’t touch it. contact Cleethorpes Beach Safety during their opening hours on 01472 323356 or via their social media.

“If you’re unable to get in contact with Beach Safety, you can contact our rescue and where we can, we will come and dispose of it.”

Patrols are being carried out in order to identity and deal with suspected cases of palm oil.

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