Met Police criticised for violence in Sarah Everard vigil amid Covid-19 restrictions

Met Police criticised for violence in Sarah Everard vigil amid Covid-19 restrictions

The vigil held for the late Sarah Everard turned violent when police made several arrests and attempted to disperse crowds.

Officers forcibly removed women who had gathered at Clapham Common on Saturday evening to pay their respects to the 33-year-old, whose remains were found in Kent woodland on Wednesday.

Police were seen handcuffing and leading women away from the vigil, with members of the crowd shouting “shame on you” and “arrest your own”.

Metropolitan Police Constable Wayne Couzens, 48, has been charged with Ms Everard’s kidnap and murder.

Although the #ReclaimTheseStreets Sarah Everard vigil was cancelled by police due to the breach of Covid-19 restrictions, women defied the ban. They still gathered to pay their respects to Sarah and support the cause, with the Duchess of Cambridge even making an appearance to show her support.

A statement from Metropolitan Police yesterday morning stated:

“We take no joy in this event being cancelled, but it is the right thing to do given the real and present threat of Covid-19. Throughout the week we have had a number of talks with the organisers of the vigil. These talks have undoubtedly been challenging and officers have worked hard to explain the regulations and why gatherings such as this cannot go ahead at this time.

“While we understand their frustrations of this cancellation and share the nation’s outrage at this crime, we must all continue to work together to fight Covid-19 and keep each other safe.”

Public figures have criticised Metropolitan Police’s handling of the mourners at the Sarah Everard vigil.


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