Bristol demonstration turns violent with police officers suffering broken bones

Bristol demonstration turns violent with police officers suffering broken bones

What was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration in Bristol yesterday turned violent, with police officers suffering broken bones and police vans being set alight by members of the crowd.

The crowd of thousands had gathered for the Kill the Bill demonstration to oppose the new Police and Crime Bill which restricts people’s rights to protest.

Many protestors at the Bristol demonstration wore face masks and carried signs with slogans reading: “Say no to UK police state”, “Freedom to protest is fundamental to democracy”, and “Kill the Bill”.

This comes after the police violently intervened in the Clapham Common vigil for murdered 33-year-old Sarah Everard last week.

Demonstrators in Bristol also scaled a police station, smashed windows, vandalised walls and threw fireworks into the crowd.

Twelve police vehicles were damaged, and 20 police officers were injured. One officer suffered a collapsed lung, and one officer suffered a broken arm. Another suffered broken ribs.

Chair of Avon and Somerset Police Federation Andy Roebuck said: “This is the worst violence in Bristol for many, many years.

“It’s really unprecedented violence. Between four and six or possibly more officers are seriously injured and some have broken bones.

“No one had any indication it would erupt this way.”

Other public figures Tweeted about the scenes of the Bristol demonstration.

Home Secretary Priti Patel called the events “unacceptable” as a result of “thuggery and disorder by a minority”.

Piers Morgan branded the scenes “digusting” and urged readers that UK police are among “the best in the world”.

Others Tweeted in support of the protesters, claiming that the new Bill “restricts civil liberties”.

Under Covid-19 restrictions, mass gatherings are currently banned. Anyone breaching these requirements can be fined.

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