New Plan for Immigration announced by Home Secretary

Refugees arriving in the UK will be given the right to remain permanently, under a new system the home secretary has described as “fair but firm”.

Priti Patel will announce that those fleeing war or persecution who come through the “safe and legal resettlement route” will be given indefinite leave to remain.

Under new plans to be announced by the Home Secretary priority will be given to refugees, including children, in regions of conflict and instability, rather than those who are already in safe European countries.

This is aimed at giving refugees the stability they need to rebuild their lives in the UK.

Currently, resettled refugees receive permission to stay in the UK for 5 years, after which they must apply again for indefinite leave to remain.

The Home Office says the indefinite leave would provide refugees with the stability they need to properly rebuild their lives in the UK.

The Government has already provided sanctuary to more than 20,000 vulnerable people escaping the conflict in Syria and says it remains committed to resettling refugees fleeing persecution, oppression or tyranny.

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The proposals are part of Home Secretary Priti Patel’s’ New Plan for Immigration, which is seen as fair but firm while the the present system is considered broken and outdated.

The plans, be announced in full next week, will have three key pillars:

Firstly, to increase the fairness of the system so those in genuine need of asylum can be better protected and supported.

Secondly, to deter illegal entry into the UK, so breaking the business of criminal smuggling networks and protecting the lives of those they endanger.

Thirdly, to remove more easily from the UK those with no right to be here.

Ms Patel said: “Our New Plan For Immigration will make big changes, building a new system that is fair but firm. We will continue to encourage asylum via safe and legal routes whilst at the same time toughening our stance towards illegal entry and the criminals that endanger life by enabling it.

“Not all of these reforms will happen overnight, so in order to save lives we will need to stick to the course and see this New Plan For Immigration through.”

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