Police issue warning as driving offences soar

Police issue warning as driving offences soar

Police issue warning as driving offences soar

Humberside Police have issued a warning to dangerous road users following an increase in drug driving and speeding offences.

However, at least 45 people have been arrested following positive roadside drugs tests this year.

As of March 11, there were no confirmed deaths on Lincolnshire’s roads.

This is the first time this has been the case at this point in the year since 1985 – this time last year, five people had already died on Lincolnshire’s roads.
Earlier this month, a spokesperson for Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership said:
“On top of those lack of fatals occurring, we’ve seen a tremendous drop in the injury collisions occurring as well.”

But, with driving offences on the rise and lockdown restrictions in England beginning to ease, there are fears that this could change.

Police issue warning as driving offences soar
A motorist caught exceeding the speed limit on the M62. Humberside Police.

Chief Inspector James Glansfield of Humberside Police warned:

“There is no excuse for some road users to be putting others at risk.

“The consequences of driving at speed or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be significant and go far beyond just losing your licence and receiving a fine.

“A criminal record for these offences can result in you losing your job, isolating yourself from friends and family and can result in causing serious injury or even death to yourself or innocent road users.”

A number of vehicles have been taken off the road due to reckless driving, and because they have been being driven without insurance, MOT, and by unlicensed drivers.

There has also been a significant increase in speeding offences, with one driver caught hitting 147mph in a 50mph zone.

When requested, the driver of the vehicle below failed to produce a valid licence, MOT or insurance policy.

Police issue warning as driving offences soar
Humberside Police.

The driver was also arrested for the possession of drugs and offensive weapons.

In another incident, checks following a three vehicle road traffic collision in Beverley led to the driver of the offending vehicle producing a positive result during a roadside drug test.

He was arrested, and his results sent for further investigation.

Police issue warning as driving offences soar
Humberside Police.

Sadly, with the number of reported offences on the rise, the catalogue of potentially life-changing offences doesn’t end there.

A statement issued by the force reminded motorists that until the 29th March journeys should be essential only.

Chief Inspector James Glansfield added: “we continue to have a visible presence on our roads, looking for dangerous drivers to reduce causalities.”