Local organisations come together to distribute slow cookers to those in need

Local organisations come together to distribute slow cookers to those in need

Many organisations from North East Lincolnshire have teamed up to distribute 375 slow cookers to local people in need.

The large-scale project consists of around 20 local voluntary organisations and community groups, who are providing the slow cookers to those who use their services.

Other organisations from the local area are playing a crucial role in the project.

Sylvester Keel have helped to order and store the slow cookers in their warehouse.

Volunteers from The Blue Lights Brigade are delivering the cookers to the local groups and organisations, which focus on everyone from young people to the elderly, families and those who live alone.

Last week, they delivered 200, and are set to deliver another 100 this week. The rest will be delivered after Easter.

It all came together when an anonymous source provided funding for the slow cookers to the Sector Support North East Lincolnshire Partnership.

Mary Vickers, Community Food Co-Ordinator of the Partnership, said:

“I’m working on a couple of projects with a number of voluntary organisations and community groups in North East Lincolnshire, and one of them was to work with community groups to give them slow cookers for some of their clients. They will then be supported to use the slow cooker.

“Slow cookers are easy. You can just throw things in and it cooks, leaving it to get on with it while you’re at work or taking your kids backwards and forwards to school or nursery, and they’re cheap on electricity.

“There’s all sorts of advantages to slow cookers and I’m amazed at how many different things you can make in them.

“Hopefully people can realise that you can buy some cheap vegetables and low-cost meat, and make good, nutritious meals in the slow cooker. Hopefully, the more people who can do that with the slow cookers, the less they will need to go to food banks.”

Steve Jones, Managing Director of the Blue Lights Brigade, said: “We’ve been part of the response since it started back in March last year. We started off delivering food parcels to people shielding, so we’ve been helping deliver to people in need from day one.

“It’s important to us to help those who are struggling in any way that we can. The slow cookers are a fantastic idea, and of course we wanted to be part of that to help. We use our volunteers to make the deliveries. It’s all volunteers from the local community helping other people in the community.”

The remaining 175 slow cookers will be delivered this week and after Easter.

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