Cleethorpes Coastguard called out last night after woman and dog become stuck in mud

Cleethorpes Coastguard called out last night after woman and dog become stuck in mud

At 5:30pm yesterday, Cleethorpes Coastguard were called out by a member of the public to rescue a woman who was stuck in the mud near the Humber Mouth Yacht Club in Humberston.

The woman had become stuck after she attempted to pull her dog from the mud.

When the member of the public noticed the woman in distress, they stayed at the scene to reassure her until the Coastguard arrived.

Two Mud Rescue Techs were deployed to the scene, who tackled the difficult terrain to rescue the woman and her dog. According to Cleethorpes Coastguard, the mud was knee-deep.

She had been stuck for around 40 minutes until the Rescue Techs reached her.

A statement from the Coastguard reads: “On arrival we quickly identified the location and could see the casualty was about 150 metres from the shoreline, and was stuck in an area where we have recently been training and refining our ‘Mud Rescue’ skills, due to how bad the mud is in that particular area at the moment.

“She had tried to free herself but with having to keep hold of her dog so she did not get stuck again, she was unable to free herself from the mud.

“The extraction of the casualty was quite straight forward but our muds techs said it was hard work and very difficult to get to the casualty.

“If you see anyone in or on the water, or stuck in the mud, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard. We strongly recommend you do not try to effect a rescue yourself, as you could very easily become a casualty yourself.

“If it safe to do so, please stay at the location of the incident to await our arrival. You may have further information that could assist us with our task.”

The woman did not require any medical assistance and was assisted back to her vehicle.


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