Council to decide on building 75 new homes where Littlefields Restaurant once stood

Council to decide on building 75 new homes where Littlefields Restaurant once stood

Plans have been submitted to North East Lincolnshire Council to build 75 new homes on the land off Littlefield Lane, next to Grimsby Cricket Club.

Avoca Planning Landscape and Development Ltd wish to build the new homes on the 2.6 hectares of disused recreation ground, where popular Littlefields Restaurant once stood.

37 of the homes will be detached and 38 will be semi-detached. There are also plans to include affordable homes.

If the plans are approved, other works to be carried out include the construction of garages, driveways, estate roads, the laying out of natural green space and raising the ground levels.

Neighbours expressed a range of views on the prospective building of the new homes.

One commented: “I think with these lovely upmarket homes it will be so good for our area. I’m so happy about this. I hope it goes ahead. The sooner the better.”

However, there were concerns about the new homes bringing an increased risk of floods and road traffic accidents.

Another neighbour said: “The access is right on the notorious bend, for which several speeding preventions have been out in place over the years and which have all failed. I think the added traffic, using the access on bend, will undoubtedly cause further problems.

“This corner is dangerous enough now with cars parking on the front of properties, buses and delivery lorries trying to get past safely. We have witnessed many prangs.”

“I would object to this proposal until being assured of the studies that have been made in relation to site drainage and the potential of flooding to surrounding areas which may be caused by the raising of the ground levels,” another neighbour added.

A representative of Grimsby Cricket Club said: “With the risk of increased run-off from the development we would seek reassurance that the mitigation measures in place will be adequate to avoid flood risk to our property.

“The club wishes to operate in harmony with any new neighbours and therefore recommend consideration of mitigation measures.”

Developers say the new homes will regenerate “a disused and overgrown area of land that is not only an eyesore but has a history of anti-social behaviour”.

The proposed site plan can be viewed here.

North East Lincolnshire Council are set to make a decision on the homes in due course.

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