North Lincolnshire welcomes new local Inspector

North Lincolnshire welcomes new local Inspector

North Lincolnshire welcomes new local Inspector

Humberside Police have introduced North Lincolnshire’s new local Policing Inspector, who took up the role almost two months ago.

Inspector Craig Leitch joins the team from the Hull patrol, and says he is keen to build on the great work that local officers have already been doing in the community.

Craig has spent his entire 17 year career patrolling local neighbourhoods, adding that his heart is “firmly in community policing.”

“I’m incredibly pleased to be serving the communities of North Lincolnshire,” he continued.

“My patch is a diverse area ranging from densely populated, urban areas to extremely rural areas. With that comes challenges, as priorities will vary a lot between the areas, however I have three dedicated teams with a wealth of knowledge and experience, covering four different stations, and I am here to make sure those resources are being used in the right ways.

“Most of my team were born or live in Northern Lincolnshire, meaning they have great local knowledge, but also are personally invested in these areas being safe and strong places to live.

“We have a good balance of officers with many years in service, but have also seen the benefits of the continued officer uplift, bringing new energy and new perspectives into community policing and problem solving.

“I have joined at a time where I expect there to be changes to priorities as we gradually move out of lockdown, back to some form of normality.”

Working alongside other authorities such as the Environment Agency, Ongo, and North Lincolnshire Council, the local policing team say they are keen to engage with the public via Humber Talking surveys in order to identify key issues within the community.

Inspector Craig Leitch continued:

“Building strong and safe places to live is not possible solely through policing, so our partner relationships enable us to look at problems differently and ensure the right agencies are dealing with the right issues, which in turn will have the best results for residents.

“We are planning a number of multi-agency community surgeries, so that we can speak to people directly about the issues concerning them, and then work together to deal with those. Our first event is on Thursday 15 April on Ashtree Close, Belton, Isle of Axholme.

“We want our communities to be resilient, so we will continue to enable that through education and crime prevention, as well as dealing swiftly with problems that emerge and those causing the harm.

“To those intent on committing offences in our areas, we will do everything we can to stop you in your tracks.

“Ultimately, my team and I want to deliver the best service we can for the communities we serve and will work tirelessly to do that. From the interactions I’ve had so far, the feedback has been really positive, so I aim to build on that but also quickly address any areas where we have room for improvement, to ensure our communities feel safer and stronger.”

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