Jason Threadgold Funeral Director have continued to work through the pandemic to support families both locally and nationally.

Jason Threadgold Funeral Director have continued to work through the pandemic to support families both locally and nationally.

With over 40 years combined experience within the Funeral industry, Jason alongside his wife, Nichola, and their dedicated team have continued to provide exceptional service throughout this pandemic, even though they have faced many challenges due to Covid.

Nichola said “When lockdown struck overnight last March, we realised that we would need to change our working ways as we were conscious of the safety of both families and staff alike. Being a frontline service, Funerals had to carry on – we completed a lot of risk assessments to ensure families, staff and anyone entering our Funeral homes were kept safe.

We arranged regular team meetings to keep all our team updated throughout as well as changing our way of working on a day-to-day basis as new rules and regulations came into force. Throughout the last year we have continued to give comfort to those who have lost someone dear to them”.

Jason continued “As an industry we have had to grasp technology quickly with the use of such systems as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to allow both the arranging of a Funeral and the streaming of a Funeral as restrictions did not allow more than twelve people at the start and being raised up to thirty currently.

We have continued to allow families to see their loved ones, our Governing Body have allowed each Funeral home to carry out their own risk assessments to enable this to happen. We unlike many other funeral homes did not take a cart blanche approach to not allowing people to see their loved ones, as part of the grieving process we felt that people still needed to be given the opportunity to say their final goodbye’s”.

It’s been an uncertain time this past year, but Jason Threadgold Funeral Director have continued to support people both locally and nationally in their time of need.

Jason went on to say “We are pleased to say we have invested in new vehicles for the business. At the start of the pandemic due to Government restrictions we were not permitted to use our limousines but fortunately as restrictions eased these were then brought back in to use”.

Nichola added “Jason and I would like to thank all of our staff for their hard work and dedication over the last year and to thank all of the families who have continued to use our services during these uncertain times.

Anyone wishing to use our services can be reassured that we continue to do everything in our power to keep everyone safe and secure as we ease our way out of lockdown”.



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