There’s still time to complete your Census – or face a £1,000 fine

There’s still time to complete your Census – or face a £1,000 fine

Those who have not completed their Census yet – which was due on 21 March – still have time to fill out and submit theirs.

Census Day saw millions of people across England and Wales complete key questions about themselves and their households to ensure local services are informed by the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

The information helps to shed light on the needs of different local communities and the inequalities people are facing.

People who haven’t yet completed their online or paper questionnaires will be contacted by a census officer, who will encourage them to complete it.

The Office for National Statistics’ deputy national statistician, Iain Bell, said: “The information you provide needs to be about who usually lives in your household on Census Day, which was Sunday March 21, however if you’ve haven’t completed it yet, please do so – there’s still time to.

“Every household should have received their letter inviting them to take part and we’ve had a great response so far. If you haven’t, or you have misplaced your letter, you can head online to and request a new unique access code.

“There is plenty of help available, including face-to-face assistance at local Census Support Centres.

“Field officers will soon start calling at households who have not completed their census. They will follow social distancing and COVID-safe guidelines, supporting people to take part.

“They will be equipped with PPE and will never need to enter anyone’s home. They’ll be operating much like a postal or food delivery visit.”

If people still don’t return or submit a completed census form, they will be contacted by the ONS Non-Compliance team.

If prosecuted, people can face a fine of up to £1,000, plus court costs.

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