Coca-Cola’s paper bottle will open new world of sustainable packaging possibilities

It’s no secret that plastic pollution poses a difficult problem for the planet. As consumers demand more sustainable options, brands are forced to make more responsible decisions and some big changes to their products.

Coca-Cola had to reconsider its business practices when it was found to be the worst polluting brand in the world multiple years in a row.

Following through with earlier promises, Coca-Cola has now released a prototype of their sustainable paper bottles that might help them drop down the list and become less harmful for the environment.

The bottles were developed in partnership with Danish company Paboco, or Paper Bottle Company, which specializes in recyclable packaging for products. The concept comes with plenty of challenges to make the paper bottles as effective as plastic, but it’s now ready for trial.

“It’s going to be a bio-based barrier, that’s really something minimal, that keeps that food safe, that keeps the product safe at the same time,” explains Michael Michelsen, business development manager at Paboco.

Coco Cola Image

Now, the first Coca-Cola paper bottles will be tested in Hungary this summer to sell Coca-Cola’s fruit drink Adez.

The trial will include 2,000 bottles sold in a local retail chain. “We have a good understanding already of what the bottle will go through as we put it into the real world,” says Michelsen. “But there is a certain point where you just can’t design yourself out of this at a desk, right?”

Coca-Cola’s paper bottle will open new world of sustainable packaging possibilities. Coca-Cola’s innovative new paper bottle for plant-based beverage AdeZ will attract the 43% of global consumers that stated how ethical or environmentally friendly a product is influences their product purchasing decisions, according to a survey by GlobalData.

The move will encourage other companies to launch plastic packaging alternatives, and, in the long-term, consumers should expect to see paper-based bottles appearing for other liquid products in the hospitality, restaurant and cafe segment and in other retail stores, ranging from beers to soft drinks, juices and ready-to-drink items.

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