Grandchildren will be allowed to visit relatives in care homes

Care home residents in England will be allowed two regular visitors indoors from 12 April, the government has said.

Currently people in care homes can have just one face-to-face visitor, but as part of the next step of lockdown easing it will be extended to two.

Grandchildren will be allowed to visit relatives in care homes,  with some grandparents set to meet new grandchildren for the first time.

Family members who have tested negative for coronavirus and are dressed in PPE can hold hands with relatives after agonising months of separation during lockdown.

One visitor per resident has been permitted since the partial easing of restrictions on March 8.

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But elderly grandparents have been denied the chance to meet babies born during the pandemic.

“Our aim is to make visiting to care homes as normal as possible by the summer,” said the government’s care minister, Helen Whately.

She said the government continued to “follow the science”, but that “things are looking up”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson added: “I’m particularly pleased to allow residents to have more visitors, including grandchildren, given the isolation and concern felt by so many this past year.”

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