Humberside Police’s statement on ‘attempted child abduction’ on Humberstone Road


Humberside Police’s statement on ‘attempted child abduction’ on Humberstone Road

Humberside Police have made a statement about the ‘attempted child abduction’ reports following an incident on Humberstone Road in Grimsby yesterday.

A report was made to the police at around 3:30pm yesterday afternoon that four men had attempted to kidnap two girls.

The police have now addressed the matter, calling it a ‘misunderstanding’ but saying that it was reported to them with ‘good intent’.

The statement from Humberside Police reads: “We would like to offer the communities of Humberstone Road, Grimsby and the surrounding areas reassurance, following reports circulating of an attempted child abduction.”

PCSO Chris Arnold said: “Having followed up several enquiries and having spoken to those involved, it has been determined that the report was one of good intent and that the situation was a misunderstanding, with no-one harmed and no attempted abduction having taken place.

“Those involved have been provided with support and advice.

“Despite no offence identified on this occasion, local officers have been in the area to provide reassurance and speak to anyone with concerns.

“It is important that if you believe you have been accosted or someone has acted suspiciously or inappropriately towards you to contact us so that we can investigate. Where an offence is identified, we will take appropriate action.”


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