Local hero embarks on 300,000 steps challenge to raise money for Grimsby Covid-19 ward


Local hero embarks on 300,000 steps challenge to raise money for Grimsby Covid-19 ward

A brave local man is embarking on a 300,000 steps walking challenge to raise money for the Grimsby Covid-19 ward at the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital.

Shaun Dale, 23, who is a member of local group Flourish which helps adults with learning difficulties, suffers with Prader Willi Syndrome, severe communication delay and low muscle tone.

However, his difficulty with walking has not stopped him from deciding to carry out the challenge after being inspired by the late Sir Captain Tom Moore.

He is currently up to 4,500 steps in his challenge, and walks 10 to 15 laps around the Flourish car park with the help of a frame each time he visits the Armstrong Street site.

Shaun, who communicates with the aid of a special computer, said: “It all started when I wanted to raise money for charity after being inspired by Sir Captain Tom. Every time I come to Flourish I’m always eager to do it and afterwards I’m all puffed out but I know that my friends and family are all very proud of me and we think Sir Captain Tom Moore would be too.

“He’s our very own superhero. The money raised will help the NHS. Tom and the NHS, your efforts will never be forgotten.

“I have a muscle tone weakness but this has not stopped me walking 3,000 steps every time I’m at Flourish which is three times a week, so a total of 9,000 steps a week. I want to walk for 100 days reaching my goal of 300,000 steps along the way, raising money as I go, for the NHS.”

Dave McMahon, who runs the Flourish service, said: “Shaun’s getting fitter and fitter and more confident in doing what he’s doing. At first it was a struggle, because after Christmas and being in lockdown, he was doing about two or three laps but he’s built it up to maybe 15 laps now. So we’re just going to build on it.

“He’s getting faster and faster. All the guys here motivate Shaun and we time him each lap. We’re all supporting him. This is Shaun’s time to shine and he’s really determined. He really wants to do this and achieve his goals. He’s getting stronger in his legs. It’s good fitness, good cardio, and all for a good cause.

“It’s all Shaun’s thoughts and ideas, and we’re just supporting him with it.”

Donate to Shaun’s JustGiving page here.

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