Local man to run 26 miles on Cleethorpes seafront to raise money for Mind charity


Local man to run 26 miles on Cleethorpes seafront to raise money for Mind charity

30-year-old Liam Williamson from Nunsthorpe in Grimsby will run 26.2 miles along Cleethorpes seafront tomorrow to raise money for the charity Mind.

His journey along Cleethorpes seafront is set to begin at 9.30am tomorrow morning, starting at Thorpe Park and finishing at Wonderland car park. He will run back and forth along this route until he has completed the 26.2 miles.

Liam, who works in education, decided to take part in the challenge to raise awareness for mental health issues and to practice for the London Marathon which takes place in October.

He said: “It keeps me motivated having these challenges along the way, and keeps the training interesting. I often run down Cleethorpes seafront and all the people are really friendly and it’s a nice scenic view to enjoy whilst running!

“I have used the Mind online chat myself for my own mental health issues and they have been really helpful.

“Mind was the one who suggested to myself to get a hobby, and since then running has become my therapy. If I am ever struggling with my mental health, going for a run will always be my first thought.

“Just remember if you are struggling, don’t be afraid to speak out. Don’t be embarrassed, people are there for you and want to help and genuinely care. You are not alone and it is okay not to be okay.

“I am very much looking forward to running the London Marathon and hope it will take place in London and not virtually. It has been a tough year for everyone and knowing more people will be struggling with mental health, due to losing jobs due to the pandemic, I just wanted to raise as much money as possible for Mind to be able to support them.”

You can cheer Liam on tomorrow along Cleethorpes seafront, or donate to his fundraiser here.

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