Ongo have a new customer resolution team to support tenants and customers

Ongo are pleased to announce that their new customer resolution team is now in place and has already been making a really positive impact to support tenants and customers.

The team was set up in February this year to handle complaints and issues from all areas of the organisation, reduce waiting times and provide the best service possible.

Now when a complaint is received, customers will have a single point of contact to ensure consistency. This is already seeing fantastic results, with the average number of days it takes to resolve a complaint reducing by almost 30% from January to March this year.

Helen Hodgkinson, Customer Service Team Leader said: “It’s amazing to have this team in place with a dedicated focus around complaints and issues our customers may have.

“It’s a real positive already to see the great work they are doing in improving customer experience by being that one point of contact during complaint handling and the future learning that is being implemented.”


Meet the Team!

As well as dealing with complaints, the team will be working hard to analyse any areas where improvements are needed, and make recommendations to improve services by looking at trends on issues raised.

Ongo are dedicated to improving their services and listening to customers.

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