Traffic chaos continues in Hull

Traffic chaos continues in Hull

Traffic chaos continues in Hull

The row over traffic in Hull has seen councilors accused of having ‘no common sense’ as roadworks and the installation of new cycle lanes continue.

Main Road, Hedon Road, Freetown Way, Beverley Road and Spring Bank have been affected by traffic jams on numerous occasions.

Traffic came to a halt on Tuesday, and has caused issues again this morning.

Hull City Council said that the ongoing traffic problems are the result of ongoing roadworks, as well as people travelling to work, reopened businesses and schools as the cause of increased traffic.

Residents have blamed Hull City Council for failing to take advantage of empty roads during three national lockdowns, and for choosing to carry out works as people return to the roads.

But yesterday, a council spokesperson controversially advised motorists to cycle instead.

“Motorists are asked to stagger journey times and consider using the cycle lanes and public transport,” the council added.

“Even if just 5% of motorists choose a more sustainable form of transport, there would be a significant reduction in congestion levels.”

Recent updates to Hull’s road network include new cycle lanes and works at the Castle Street junction with the A63.

The cycle network, which is being blamed for the increase in traffic, is due to be reviewed in October.

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